GS-911CAD is a Computer-aided Dispatch system designed by Gsafety. With inbuilt support for real-time information exchange, analytics and dynamic dispatching, this system consolidates various channels and provides vital links between dispatchers, responders and the public in both daily operation and emergency.


• Integrated

• Smart

• Flexible

• Efficient

• Secure

• User-friendly

Why GS-911CAD?

• Unified Alarm Access

To enable unified access to multiple alarm channels for various scenarios.

• Intelligent Call-Taking

To make use of historical and telecom data for speedy alarm information generation.

• Automatic Incident Assignment

To assign incidents to the appropriate dispatcher automatically.

• Incident Situation Awareness and Analysis

To collect and analyze the surrounding environment for resources dispatch. 

• Rapid Dispatch and Automatic Tracking

To communicate with disposers by interacting with the handheld and vehicle-mounted devices.

• Visual Dispatch and Collaborative Disposal

To share the information between dispatchers and disposers in real time.